Care of Soap

How to care for your natural soap
It is important to remember that natural soap contains no harsh chemicals or preservatives, so although it will last as long as any commercial soap, it does need a little extra care.
First of all, natural soap needs to breathe! Don't store unused bars in plastic. Keep them wrapped in tissue paper or in a paper bag in a dry place. Here are some other tips:
Keep your soap out of the water when you're not using it. Just get it out of the water and let it dry between uses. Use a soap dish that won't allow the soap to stand in water.
Divide your soap bar. Our soap is large enough to cut into two pieces. Put one away and use the other. The piece of soap that isn’t being used isn’t being exposed to any water or humidity so it will last longer.
Don’t hoard your soap.  Natural soap does not contain any preservatives and has a shelf life. It should last at least a year, but may deteriorate beyond that.
Use a soap saver like this one to make your soap last a bit longer.
Use a soap saver.  Collect your leftover bits and pieces of soap in a sisal or cotton soap saver.
Educate your family members how to take of soap. Encourage the whole family to use handmade soap and explain why it is better for them. Also explain how to make it last longer. Or just see below.
Hide it when not in use. Don't share! Save that bar all for yourself !

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